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Acrylic and mixed media painting of Koala
Koala Karma
Koala Karma
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Koala Karma

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Painting Description

Beautiful acrylic painting of a furry Koala where vibrant textured colour has been applied to represent the koala's fur. This painting will bring the Australian bush right into the room with you to brighten up your day.

This Original painting measures 76 x 61 cm and is painted on an unframed quality deep edged stretched canvas ready to hang.

Koalas are endangered. They are vulnerable creatures with a taste for a particular Eucalyptus leaf. They are vegetarian and have plenty of predators however the biggest threat to their existence is the destruction of their habitat by human development and bushfire. Koalas are a popular tourist attraction in Australia because they are very cuddly cute creatures.

Please read my poem to lean more about these wonderful creatures. Koala Karma

Original Artwork Creation Process

Many hours go into creating an original painting.

  • The canvas is stretched
  • Canvas is primed
  • Design is created from photos which have been taken.
  • Plan is developed so that there is a logical step by step from background painting to finished painting.
  • Design is sketched onto the canvas before painting and the application of texture paste using stencils and/or palette knives is performed.
  • Many layers of painting plus a final coat protective varnish are all done with love and care.

This is why original paintings are valuable investments plus the fact that there is only one unique original. However once the original is sold you may buy high quality archival beautiful Fine Art Reproductions.


All artworks, both Originals and Fine Art Reproductions, are carefully wrapped in customized packaging to ensure protection during shipping.


Original painting will be packaged within 2 to 3 business days. Once your parcel is with Australia Post please allow 3 - 6 business days for standard shipping (1 - 2 days for express) to all major Australian cities (slightly longer for rural areas). Total time from order placement to delivery to your door will be up to 14 business days.
All items are shipped by registered post with Australia Post which may be affected by COVID19, with slightly increased delivery times.