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Turtle Surfing

Turtle Surfing

© Sally McLean 2021


Turtles can live to 80 years old

If they survive when leaving the fold.

Hatchlings have a high mortality rate

One in one thousand grow up and mate.


They mate in the water and lay eggs on the land.

Hatchlings rush to the water leaving tracks in the sand.

Predators are birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish

They all seem to find turtles a nice, tasty dish.


Solitary creatures they travel alone

Between hatching and feeding but why is unknown.

They breathe above water every once in a while

Submerging for hours when the weather is vile.


After leaving Australia they swim out to sea

Catch the East Auzzie Current and glide southwards with glee.

The current swings eastward, the turtles go too,

Gliding and swimming to Chile and Peru.


Fully grown turtles have a strong carapace

Which protects them from most things bar the human race.

Ocean pollution and disturbed habitat,

Damaged reefs and nest beaches are hard to combat.


Fishing boats speeding around on the sea

Hit turtles at times and harm them badly.

Endangered are Turtles, its time to take heed,

Before they’re labelled extinct due to mankind’s huge greed.


P.S. It is thought that the turtles return to Australia by using the South Equatorian Current, but this is yet not proven and may have to be the topic of a second poem. 😊