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Platypus-Creature of Dreams

Platypus- Creature of Dreams

© Sally McLean 2020


Platypus live in cool creeks and streams

And could easily be described as creatures of dreams

With a bill like a Duck and a broad Beaver tail

This fur coated mammal we love to regale.

They breed deep in burrows on the banks of a creek

But you’ll have to look closely if you want a good peek


Platypus lay eggs in a burrow that’s true

But she will not take kindly being spotted by you

Take care if you plan to go on the prowl

For if she does see you she’ll emit a low growl

And if by chance you venture too close

The male Platypus has a mean venom dose.


Platypus find food on the creek bed

Worms, shrimp and yabby keep them well fed

Closed eyes, ears and nose each time she dives

Electro detection means no prey survives

She digs into the creek bed with her duck bill

And uses cheek pouches to carry her kill


A newly hatched baby does love to snuggle

And is often referred to as a platypus puggle

They are fed by their mother on specially made milk

They have waterproof fur softer than silk

Predators are rats, birds and reptiles

And on occasion huge crocodiles.