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Koala Karma

Koala Karma 

© Sally McLean 2020


Koalas are hard to spot in the wild

They live high in gum trees when the weather is mild  

On cold wet days they curl up to stay warm

They prefer low thicker branches when there’s a big storm

On hot windy days they lie still on a branch

Though their legs may be dangling and doing a dance.


If you gaze through the branches of a tall gum tree

Look very hard and you may see

A silvery grey face with ears soft and round

And a cute fluffy butt pointing down at the ground

The mother Koala has a neat little pouch

Where her sweet little Joey can sit in a crouch


Harmless to humans their status is dire

Approaching extinction by droughts and bushfire

To prevent the Koala from the human race

We must learn to tread lightly not leaving a trace

Collar your dog, stop felling trees

And don’t flick your fags from the car window please.