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Wondering how to Frame your Print?

Deep Edge Canvases do not need Framing.

The canvases on this website, both originals and prints, are supplied to you ready to hang. They are deep edge canvas stretchers and so do not need to be framed. The painting is stretched around the edges making them look attractive on your wall with no frame and they are strong enough not to warp as a slim edge canvas can.

Artworks on Paper must be framed behind glass.

All artworks on paper must be framed behind glass to protect them from the environment. Humidity, sunlight, dust, and pests like silverfish can damage artworks on paper unless they are protected.

Pastel artworks framed behind glass have endured since the 16th century so if you frame your print it should last more than a lifetime.

It is recommended that you frame your print with a matboard to prevent the print from touching the glass.

Custom Framing

Custom framing is a great investment for protecting and displaying your quality artwork in the best way possible. Take you print to the framer and ask to have it framed. The framer should help you select the most complimentary colour of matboard for your artwork print by showing you how it looks against different coloured mat samples.

Once you are happy with your mat board choice the framer will then help you to choose the frame of your liking which best enhances to artwork and where you are going to hang it by showing you a few frame samples.

You will then leave your print with the framer and they will frame it which usually takes a few days.

Off the Shelf Frames

Frames which you buy off the shelf ready to slide your print into can save you money but bear in mind that you do get what you pay for and custom framing usually looks better and is higher quality.

Off the shelf frames usually come in sizes A0 A1 A2 A3 and A4 and may not always suit the size and shape of the print which you want to frame.

Once it is framed, your print is ready to hang. Please be careful where you hang any type of artwork. It is best to never hang an artwork where it will get direct sun, heat or moisture.

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