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Why I Love Being An Artist

Being creative is a type of growth as I learn something new from every artwork I produce. Perhaps it makes me feel a little powerful to be in control of how a painting is going to look. Ha ha. Yes, I am a control freak. However, I also believe that we all need to live life to the fullest and I find creating something new, from scratch is a lot of fun. It is exciting.

I love using wonderful, coloured paints, texture paste, stencils, palette knives, gold leaf and glitter in my creations. The poems I write to go with artworks often teach me more about my subject, as I usually need to do a little research before I have enough knowledge to write a poem.

I am also discovering that I have begun to paint things which I love and care about a lot. Earth is a beautiful planet and human life is using all of its resources without giving enough back. This is driven by greed and money. In addition, we have the current coronavirus pandemic killing millions of people worldwide, wars driven by greed and religion and global warming fuelled by man’s polluting habits. It is ironic that man has already contributed to the extinction of many creatures and may become extinct himself due to something like coronavirus, climate change or world war.

As an escape, “A breath of fresh air,” it can be rejuvenating to go somewhere outdoors and enjoy nature however, we are not all able to do this especially with the current lockdown restrictions around the world, and with our boarders closed we do not have the freedom to travel to beautiful places as we used to.

So, I am inspired to paint beautiful artworks of wildlife, some of which are endangered species, to bring the colour, fun, and excitement of nature into our homes, offices, and children’s nurseries.

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