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The Reason Why the Focus of my Art is Portraits That Bite

As a teenager I dreamt of being a vet when I grew up because I love animals. By the time I reached my final years of school I also loved art. Believe it or not I ended up being an engineering draftsman. However, I think this occupation was just me being a frustrated artist. After children I began going to art classes and discovered that not only do I love creating art, but I am also good at it.

I progressed to producing pastel pet portrait commissions. It was during this time that my husband came up with the tag line “Portraits that Bite” which is now my business name. But I wanted to have the freedom to be creative in my own way, so I began experimenting with acrylic paint and mixed media such as texture paste, gold leaf and glitter.

Years later the result is that I love painting animals with exciting texture and colour.

In these current times of a worldwide pandemic, global warming plus war in some parts of the world I think it is refreshing to escape to the beauty of our natural countryside and appreciate the wildlife it supports. As humans we need to have a focus on preserving our planet and not just using its resources until nothing remains.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are also restricted from travel worldwide at the moment so being able to bring some of the world’s beauty through art into our homes and offices to brighten up our lives is very important. In Australia we are very grateful to have been mostly unaffected by the pandemic. Apart from being put into the occasional lockdown and being unable to travel overseas we are still able to mostly travel to the beautiful places around our own country.

Thus the focus of my art is: - Our beautiful planet Earth and its native creatures.

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