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Pygmy Possums Are Endangered

It is only very recently that I learned of the existence of Pygmy Possums. I had no idea that a possum so small existed.
Pygmy Possums are tree dwelling nocturnal marsupials. From head to tail they can be as large as 12cm and, fully grown sometimes they are only 5cm.
They feed on nectar, fruit, seeds , and insects.
The Mountain Pygmy Possum is endangered. The biggest threat to the Pygmy Possum is clearing of land by Man but they are also prey for Owls, Dingos, Quolls and Goannas as well as feral domestic animals.
There is a Banksia plant called a Pygmy Possum because it is a dwarf version of of the ‘ Old Man Banksia’ which is featured in the children’s book Possum Magic by Australian Author May Gibbs.

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