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Portraits That Bite First Blog

Welcome to my first blog post and my new website Portraits That Bite. My website will always be a work in progress, but it is now ready to launch, and I am excited. I love portrait painting.

This is my third website devoted to portrait art. The first I created myself from scratch before anything like Wix or Shopify existed, and it was good but amateurish, so I soon progressed to having a specialist create a second website for me. Both websites were promoting my art Pet Portrait Painting Commission business.

This website was needed because I have evolved and developed and no longer offer pet portraits by commission.  I now enjoy the versatility of the acrylic paint medium by combining it with mixed media including texture paste, gold leaf and sometimes even glitter.  My artworks (originals and prints) are now for sale online.

My colourful paintings are mostly inspired by nature particularly Native Australian Fauna, so there is no shortage of portraits to paint. I love the diversity of creatures such as plumage, fur, skin, or hair. Size, shape, eyes, mouths etc. These wonderful variations lend themselves to being enhanced in acrylic portraits/paintings using texture paste applied with stencil and palette knife. I love mixing the most wonderfully exuberant paint colours as well.

Some of my artworks also come with a descriptive poem written my me.

I am currently painting a Unicorn portrait for my imminent third grandchild. High quality archival prints will be available for purchase once it is finished. Grandchild will naturally soon have the unicorn hanging in her nursery. I am very excited about my Unicorn painting and look forward to adding it to my collection of portrait painting for kids on my website. It has yet to have stenciled texture and glitter and or metallic paint enhancements added.

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