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Passion Brings Joy

It’s a belief of mine that we should live every moment of our lives with fun, laughter, and joy. Some would say live life with passion! I am very grateful to be happy almost all the time and I think this is because I find pleasure in even very small things like sun shining through rain droplets on leaves or flowers or the unconditional love received from a beloved pet be it a dog, a cat, or a horse. My pet portraits bring joy to pet owners by providing them with lasting memories of their special friend forever.

 I would like to share my joy of life with everybody by filling their lives with colour through my wildlife paintings. My wildlife paintings bring colour and nature from the outdoors to the indoors.

Other activities which may bring joy are planting a plant and watching it grow and flower. My orchids haven’t flowered for a couple of years but this year (after a good friend re-potted them for me) they are budding and blooming. WOW!

My art is currently focused on animals, but because my orchids have reminded me that flowers bring me joy, I am going to begin painting some Australian Native Flora to go with the Fauna to share my joy of nature with you.

Jacarandas, not Australian natives, flower in October in Brisbane Australia where I live, and they are absolutely beautiful creating huge umbrellas of soft purply blue and dropping blooms to the ground below creating a gorgeous carpet of colour. Before they finish flowering, I plan on wearing my new Jacaranda coloured Cycling jersey and laying down amidst the carpet of blooms to get a photo. (Watch this space as the joyful but crazy photo is coming.) Awesome!! Yay!!

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