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Natures Beauty

Aspire Gallery in Paddington Queensland are having an exhibition called “Natures Beauty”.

My original acrylic and mixed media painting Turtle Surfing has been accepted and is now hanging in the gallery. Prints of Turtle Surfing are available at in various sizes.

Exhibitors were asked to deliver their paintings and then two days later, because of covid, Brisbane went into lockdown so the opening of the exhibition had to be put on hold and there could be no visitors to the gallery.

We are out of lockdown now so Aspire has been able to schedule the opening of the exhibition to Friday 13 August. It runs until the 28 August.

Aspire gallery 53 Kennedy terrace, Paddington.

Open Fridays and Saturdays, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Check out the link below for an online sneak peek at the Natures Beauty exhibition.

I you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I am an outdoors person who loves connecting with the native flora and fauna around me.

I believe that we as artists can show the beauty of wildlife and nature to the greater population by creating beautiful artworks. This may be a way of teaching people to appreciate the value of the planet we all share and encourage changes in the way things are done worldwide so that Earths resources are not used until there is nothing left. Putting money before world preservation is a form of human suicide.

There are many powerful but money greedy people on this planet who would do well to slow down and smell the roses.  There are yet others who have been born in locations where they have only ever known war. What a shame to die never having known that there are places on Earth which are beautiful just because you have only ever experienced shootings, bombings, and imprisonment in the form of War.

‘Natures Beauty’ is close to my heart.

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