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My Creative Inspiration

My inspiration to become an artist was because I discovered I could draw and paint. When I left school, I became an Engineering Draftsperson which gave me a good foundation in looking at things. Well, we all look at things I hear you say. However, an artist tends to look at things differently to a lot of people and they may see colour and light where others do not which can make artwork creating easier.

We all seem to be better at things which we enjoy as well. My other passion is currently cycling. I race my bikes to satisfy my ingrained competitive streak and I love it. Apart form being fun it keeps me fit and being part of a cycling club is very social – you must love coffee lol.

After attending art classes with a few different artists, I began to produce pet portraits by commission which I did for about 15 years. When you are doing commissions, you are not really painting in a creative way as you must follow a formula to produce the portrait which your customer expects. You need to satisfy their desire to have their pet portrait painting just as they want it. That was great but now it is time for me to be free to create in the way I want to create. I love being outside in nature and I have always loved animals, and these are my inspirations for the paintings I currently create.

My love of literature inspires me to write poetry so I have begun to write poems to go with each painting I create some of which you may already read on this website.

Now that I have just finished a painting of a Unicorn for my next grandchild’s nursery, I am excited about my next creation. Will it be a whale, wombat, possum, kangaroo, or an emu?

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