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Fine Art Reproductions NOT Prints.

Creating my original paintings is the easy part of my business Portraits That Bite. The hard bit is the amount of time it takes to develop a website and market Originals and Reproductions.

My learning curve since I decided to have reproductions made of my artworks to sell on a website is huge. I really do learn something new everyday about website SEO, Instagram, Facebook, Products I sell, and the list goes on.

This week I have learned that my copied paintings should not be called “Prints” because they are actually “Fine Art Reproductions”.

Prints are just copies which are made such as - a serigraph (screen print), lithograph or a linocut etc. They are created with your own hands.

A Fine Art Reproduction is made for you by a specialist using a machine. Reproductions sold by Portraits That Bite are created using the latest generation ‘State of The Art’ Canon pigment ink printer ensuring that they are high quality and long lasting. In fact, the Reproduction looks just like the original even showing textured paint areas.

Social Media is a very effective way to market these days as it can reach anyone with access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone. So, I have been learning all about Instagram and Facebook marketing setting up shops which are linked to my website and writing posts which I hope are interesting enough to grow my audience with the goal being converting some of my followers into customers.

Having learned that I should be using the words Fine Art Reproductions instead of Prints I have spent a great deal of time this week going through my whole website making required changes.

Can’t wait to get back to my easel to splash a bit of colourful paint around and stencil a bit of exciting texture. I want my wildlife creatures to growl at you out of my paintings.

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