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Animals Eat Flowers

Inspired by the beauty of nature I have just painted a large portrait of a peony. Although my main creative focus is animal based some animals do eat flowers so I feel justified including flowers in my gallery. Tortoises, birds, squirrels, elephants, possums, birds, bats, goats, cows, deer, horses, gorillas, and rabbits are just a few creatures who eat flowers, not including bugs and insects.

Animals also live in flowers - mainly bugs and insects.

Don't feed flowers to your pet - dogs and cats though, as some flowers are poisonous and highly toxic. We once had a cat who couldn't resist jumping up onto the kitchen bench to have a good munch on freshly bought shallots. Goodness knows why? He must have loved the smell! Shallots may be toxic to cats though so we had to take them away from him. I know shallots are not flowers.!!


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