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A Pet's Unconditional Love

Pet Portrait Commission of Frisky the cat. This Pet Portrait was created using soft pastels on textured paper.

I have loved animals for as log as I can remember. All the way through school all I wanted to be when I grew up was a Vet so that I could help animals in pain.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do in life was take our beloved cat “Frisky” to the vet because he had kidney failure. The last thing I remember was the vet carrying him away while he stretched his paws out to me. It was devastating.

Frisky was named by our daughters and was a cat character in one of their children’s story books. However our Frisky lived up to his name and was hit by a car when he frisked over the road in the pursuit of birds one day. He was in so much pain we could not catch him and the local vet came and caught him and took him to the vet surgery where he remained for a week. He had lasting damage to one eye but was otherwise ok.

Animals, particularly dogs are so loyal to their owners and love them unconditionally. There are some very wicked humans on this planet who are very cruel to animals.

My career path led me to draftsman/person because I love drawing and creating. This then led to art class attendance in my adult years before I began running art classes for adults myself and selling my art online. The main focus of my art is animals and our beautiful planet Earth.

So every artwork and pet portrait commission I produce has been created with love, care and deep feeling. Being of exuberant character I love embellishing my artworks with texture, glitter, gold leaf and colour which gives them that unique “Wow” factor.

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